Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q:  I don't know anything about river running.  Is this a good trip for me?

A: You bet!  Our crew is well trained and know how to make you feel at home on your adventure.  You will learn many new things on your trip that will you ready for your next river adventure.  You may get as involved with the trip as you please.


Q:  I don't know how to swim.  Will I be safe?

A:  Of course!  We provide PFDs (life jackets) for everyone.  They are required to be worn on the river at all times.  Even if you don't know how to swim, they will keep you afloat until you can be helped.


Q:  Where is the San Juan River located?

A:  The San Juan's headwaters are in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.  The river runs for miles before it is dammed at Navajo Reservoir.  The section of river we run is located near the town of Bluff in southeast Utah.  Mexican Hat, Utah can be a takeout for our three day trip or our launch spot for the five day trip.  Mexican Hat is a small town on the banks of the San Juan about 20 miles from Monument valley.  Clay Hills, our takeout for the fiver or seven day trip is located 86 river miles from Bluff and has no amenities whatsoever.  It is near this point that the San Juan River becomes one of the canyons of Lake Powell.  Please see our Adventure Discovery Tours Map for more information.


Q:  How will we get back to where we started after our trip?

A:  We organize a shuttle service to get your car to you.  Currently, rates are near $30 for the 3 day trip and around $60 for the 5 or 7 day trip.  We can organize the shuttle service on the morning of the trip launch.


Q:  What time of year is best on the San Juan River?

A:  The San Juan is fed by snowmelt.  Spring and early Summer bring higher water and generally the river "peaks" in mid June.  Water levels are often quite low late in the summer,  the Bureau of Reclamation will guarantee 500CFS all season, .


Q:  Are there any rapids?

A:  The San Juan is a class I-III (depending on water level) on a scale of I-VI.  Class I is flat water and class VI is considered unrunnable due to safety hazards.  There are many easily navigable rapids on the San Juan and only a few more challenging rapids.  This is the perfect introductory whitewater adventure for families.


Q:  Will we see any Indian ruins on this trip?

A:  Yes.  The area around the San Juan river was populated heavily by the Ancient Pueblan Indians.  We will see ruins of their dwellings, rock art, and granaries on the trip.  In addition to Indian ruins, the San Juan has an extensive Mormon history as well.  We will see some historic ruins along this line and discuss the role of the Mormons in this river's history.  Listen to our impromptu lectures during the trip for more information.  Remember:  "take only pictures, leave only footsteps."  Adventure Discovery Tours practices a No Trace ethic to preserve the San Juan for years to come.

 This is a picture of "River House Ruin" along the banks of the San Juan River.  Mile 6.

Q:  What kind of boats will we use on the river?

A:  We carry the heavy gear in oar powered 16' and 18' inflatable rafts.  Passengers may elect to ride comfortably up front and enjoy the views.  Other options include 5 person paddle rafts or inflatable kayaks which can be maneuvered with a friend or solo.  The San Juan is the perfect river trip to hone those kayaking strokes!


Q:  My group has special needs.  Can you help us?

A:  Adventure/Discovery Tours specializes in customizing trips to need.  We have done trips for physically challenged people as well as mentally challenged people and other special needs group as well.


Q:  What should I bring as far as gear is concerned?

A:  We provide waterproof bags and have rental gear available as needed.  All this information is available by clicking on Adventure Discovery Tours Equipment List.





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