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We have thirty years of river running to share with you. Secret side canyons. Clear water pools. Pristine fern glens. Ancient Pueblans cliff dwellings. Untouched petroglyphs. Fossils from a long-lost age. And the river itself. Exhilarating rapids to challenge the novice and test the skills of the experienced. To run the river is to witness nature's purest strokes of art, to feel your place in the universe, to ultimately know real freedom. You'll find the river opening up new reservoirs within yourself. Participation comes naturally as you discover an awakened respect for your surroundings. We're here to encourage you, to help you enjoy everything happening around you. That's why we let you choose your level of involvement. Oar-powered rafts are available if you want our seasoned river runners to handle the rowing. Or, if you really want to navigate the rapids, you can be a part of the crew on our paddle rafts, guided by experienced boatmen. For the supreme challenge, we offer inflatable kayaks, where you alone negotiate the river currents.




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